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Here's what we can do for you.


We take a holistic approach to planning for your financial life.

We help you see the long term consequences of short-term actions.

We help you set realistic financial goals and expectations for your retirement.

We provide education and unbiased information you can use to make financial decisions. 

We work together to prioritize your financial goals and needs into a working Financial Plan.

We fill in your knowledge gap about finances.

We offer second opinions on financial products provided or offered by other professionals.

We act as a financial sounding board, often keeping you from making a mistake.

We can be a voice of reason when your emotions are running high.

We just know stuff.  Our personal experience gathered over years of working with clients and colleagues, is available to you.

We help you build confidence around making financial decisions.

We monitor and review your investment portfolios regularly.

We carefully propose portfolios with an asset allocation that is appropriate with your risk tolerance.

We coordinate with your tax preparer, estate planning attorney, etc.

We may attend meetings with you and your Estate Planning attorney.

We will explain options to you along with the possible consequences, both good and bad.

We will support you in doing anything you want, but reserve the right explain our thoughts to you if we feel it is not in your best interest.

We are experts in calculating your IRA Required Minimum Distribution and make sure that it is satisfied on an annual basis saving you from a possible 50% tax penalty.

We help you recover from financial mistakes made in the past.

We listen to you, striving to truly comprehend your thoughts and feelings regarding life’s complex issues.

We can help you understand the psychology of money, investments and risk.

We can help educate you when making beneficiary choices.

We value our close, long term relationship.

We help with budgeting, showing you different ways to make spending more effective.

We respect your privacy in dealing with your financial matters.

We show you how to spot scams and how to avoid them.

We assist you in examining pre/post retirement scenarios.

We help explain and discuss the various considerations of Social Security choices.

We keep up to date with new regulatory matters, including the Fiduciary Rule.

We review your tax return for potential savings through alternative investments and strategies.

We help you determine the best way to transfer your estate to your children.

We provide your beneficiaries with all our financial expertise often at a time when they need it most.

We review IRA Beneficiaries annually.

We can turn your retirement savings into retirement income.

We maintain records for cost basis calculations.

We can show you how access your account balances online.

We recommend that we meet at least once a year, personal and financial updates.

We decide together how many times to meet during the year to discuss your financial goals and your success in achieving these objectives.

We are available for questions at any time, phone call or email.

We keep you on track.

We are here for you when a financial situation arises.


We provide all these benefits as Value Added.  It’s hard to put a price on the knowledge and expertise that is inherent in our relationship.  We are so appreciative of the opportunity to work together.

Legacy Financial Group Team