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Our Services

At Legacy Financial Group we take a holistic approach to your financial life. Our services our comprehensive and sophisticated to serve today and into the future.

<strong>Financial Planning</strong>

Financial Planning

Financial advice and investment strategies designed to help clients achieve their post-career income and lifestyle objectives

<strong>Risk Management/</strong><br/><strong>Protection Planning</strong>

Risk Management/
Protection Planning

Often used in place of or alongside insurance planning, risk management covers areas such as liability planning and unexpected events

<strong>Portfolio Construction &#38; Management</strong>

Portfolio Construction & Management

  • Development and ongoing oversight of an investment strategy designed to achieve a client’s goals and objectives
  • Personalized advice and investment approach that considers factors beyond risk and return, like climate change, labor management and corporate governance.
<strong>Education, Estate &#38; Legacy Planning</strong>

Education, Estate & Legacy Planning

Oversight and alignment of estate and education planning documentation with a client’s long-term goals to protect and preserve substantial assets

<strong>Family Governance Planning</strong>

Family Governance Planning

Family investment and multi-generation strategies including education, distribution planning, and transition of wealth.

<strong>Tax Mitigation Strategies</strong>

Tax Mitigation Strategies

Individually tailored methods to help manage taxes, build more wealth, and maximize your giving

<strong>Cash Flow Planning &#38; Goal Funding</strong>

Cash Flow Planning & Goal Funding

Modeling and analysis of income, expenses, and strategies to understand the financial impact on long-term financial goals

<strong>Ongoing Relationship</strong>

Ongoing Relationship

We will, on a regular basis, meet with you to update your plan, strategies and solutions as your needs and economic conditions change.

Our Process

Our planning focused process is based on over 25 years of experience serving our clients and helping them reach the financial outcomes they desire. It is designed to help you achieve the life you envision for yourself and your next generations.