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Our Mission Statement

We focus on retirement planning, inheritance planning, and overall helping you make smart financial decisions.

  • For clients who are approaching retirement, this consists of establishing financial strategies to meet retirement lifestyle goals.

  • Inheritance planning involves creating an endearing legacy for your children and grandchildren – and working together to educating them on the importance of planning.

  • Many clients come to Legacy Financial Group for other, varied reasons.  Their lives may be changing, and – whether due to a death, layoff, divorce, inheritance or even a severance offer – they find themselves looking for advice on how to make good financial decisions.  Some folks describe the feeling as “finally in a position to take control” their own finances…and they just don’t want to make a mistake.

Our practice brings discipline, state-of-the-art tools, and investment strategies to people who believe in the importance of planning and receiving quality advice.  We find this commitment to clearly defining goals, monitoring progress, and frequent communication can help result in greater confidence.  You and your family can feel more confident that investments and inheritance strategies are in place.  You are not alone. 

At Legacy Financial Group, you are served by experienced, licensed, knowledgeable professionals, who, along with our dedicated staff, deliver personalized, attentive advice.  Legacy clients have the ability to call at any time with questions.  We strongly encourage frequent contacts, especially periodic investment review meetings.

Meetings can take place:

  • in-person, it is especially nice to spend time together talking.
  • over the phone, it is our pleasure to talk at your convenience without the commute.
  • via conference line with a computer screen share – especially helpful to get families together.

Guiding you as you achieve your financial, retirement and inheritance goals is our professional lives’ work and our personal pleasure.  Partnering with Legacy Financial Group may be your best decision yet, let’s make it your first decision.